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Mandala Flow: The peaceful warrior

Mandala Flow: The peace...

Masterclass with Daphne Koken

15:30 - 18:00

Autumn Equinox Mandala Flow – The Peaceful Warrior


Masterclass with Daphne Koken

Saturday 21 September

15:30 – 18:00


Find the balance between power and grace, effort and ease, strength and fluidity.

Enjoy moving through a circular flow that challenges you in a playful way.


During this masterclass Daphne will lead you through a circular warrior flow that invites you to shift from Summer

to Autumn in a mindful way. We will start with a mudra meditation, followed by a hip and heart opening flow that

opens the body and focusses the mind. Enjoy playful handbalances that will empower you in an effortless way.

Connect with your inner strength while cultivating peace of mind.


All levels welcome.


About Daphne

Daphne is a heartfelt and dedicated vinyasa yoga teacher who loves to share her passion for yoga

in a down to earth and fun way. She invites students to connect with their pure, authentic mind and to open

up to the flow of Prana - life energy.


She is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher (ryt 500) and a Prana Vinyasa Flow® teacher trainer. She has been assisting her root teacher Shiva Rea for many years and is still studying with Shiva to deepen her own practice. Her extensive training also includes her studies of Shiatsu therapy and nutrition.


Nature has always been an important part of Daphnes life. As a passionate traveller and lover of life, she enjoys spending time in mountains, near rivers and forests to recharge and find inspiration. The elements in nature are her main source of inspiration for her classes and retreats.


Daphne teaches regular classes in Amsterdam and Haarlem. She offers masterclasses, workshops, Yoga Nature Retreats and a 200 and 300 hrs Teacher Training Program to invite you to embody, live and breathe the vinyasa of life.


More info about Daphne and her calender, visit her website