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Vinyasa of the elements

donderdag 26 mrt, 19:00 UUR
Vinyasa of the eleme...
donderdag 26 mrt, 19:00 UUR
Nicole Dooper
les wordt gegeven doorNicole Dooper
donderdag 26 mrt, 19:00UUR
Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic style which combines breath and movement in a sequence of postures. means “to place in a special way”. We move from breath to breath, from pose to pose in fluent transition. The class will always focus on one or more elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air. We like to sweat, to play, to explore and to guide you through the sequences in a very personal way. The longer the class, the more challenging it can be. Come fly with us!
Sthira Yoga Amsterdam
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