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Yoga Nidra

woensdag 15 jan, 20:30 UUR
Yoga Nidra
woensdag 15 jan, 20:30 UUR
Nicole Dooper
les wordt gegeven doorNicole Dooper
woensdag 15 jan, 20:30UUR
Relax - restore – nourishing – meditative - safe

Let yourself tucked in, cuddle with pillows and blankets and dive deep into the subconcious for planting some selfcare seeds for the coming months. On request: The extra long version XL <3

With Yoga Nidra we plant a “seed" inside of your subconcious where you can hold on to for one or two days. this “seed” will grow bigger and stronger when doing more Yoga Nidra/Hypnose. It will give you strength to say no to things, a full yes to things that you should do, and without noticing you will feel more confident in daily life. Dealing with stress will be suddenly a way of life, not leading you the (wrong) way.
Yoga nidra is the sleep of the yogi. Calm your mind, lay (on your) back and relax. It is a complete relaxation of the physical body, but also of your inner and emotional state. It is a “sleeping” state, but you stay awake by exploring the deeper level of consciousness. Afterwards you feel rested and grounded.  Enjoy this calming class and enjoy these “4 hours of sleep” all in one hour of our beloved Yoga Nidra class.