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Aroma gentle flow

donderdag 12 mrt, 09:00 UUR
Aroma gentle flow
donderdag 12 mrt, 09:00 UUR
Kelly Blom
les wordt gegeven doorKelly Blom
donderdag 12 mrt, 09:00UUR
massage – Relaxing – meditative – creating space

If you are longing for an extra treatment for body and mind our Aroma Gentle Flow class is exactly what you need. With this special class you can completely unwind. You will de-stress, feed your mind positively and increase your awareness. While the scent of delicious aromatic oil fills the room, you will be guided through a mindfulness meditation, an easeful flow and some restorative postures. During class the teacher will share the benefits of the used oils and offers a gentle massage for the neck, head and shoulders. All essential oils used are 100% pure, and Fair Trade Certified. Expect a quiet yoga class with a focus on relaxation and wellbeing.

Sthira Yoga Amsterdam
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