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Yin & Body Rolling

Yin & Bodyrolling
maandag 25 mei, 20:00 UUR
Yin & Body Rolling
maandag 25 mei, 20:00 UUR
Barbara Falorni
gegeven doorBarbara Falorni
maandag 25 mei, 20:00UUR
Deep tissue self massage – Relaxing – meditative – creating space

Yin is focussed on relaxing your muscles, creating space in the mind and in the body by breathing. Yin flow is a gentle way of grounding down the earth, surrendering in poses while the breath keeps our body moving and keeping the pose/asana “alive”. Without force you massage yourself into a pose where you stay for a longer period of time. You calm the monkey mind, step out of the rush of life and receive a deep relaxation in the body.

we are going to use massage balls to feel and create some space on those points along the lines where tension is more likely to accumulate causing restriction of movement and pain.  Combining this Deep tissue/trigger-point  self-massage, with yin style stretches is proven to be one of the most effective way to create changes into the structures of fascia fibers, increasing range of movement and general well being. 
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